A little more progress

As it was too hot to do anything else today, I stayed in my art den and worked some more on the portraits. Well, I want to get back to doing more monochromes, so the more I do the quicker it will be finished.

In my previous blog, I shared with you the beginning of the first dog. In the following photos, you will see the first dog has started to take shape (photo 1) then when it is completed and

the beginning of the 2nd dog (photo 2). Once again I have worked mainly on the eyes and just sketched in the direction of the fur. I will work at it some more tomorrow and hopefully have the 2nd dog finished and the 3rd dog started.

That's it for this blog, just a little progress report. Total hours spent working on it so far amounts to approximately 6, so it is not a fast process by any means.

I will be back with another progress report soon.

So until next time...…...

Keep smiling

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