And so it begins....

No time like the present to hide away in my art room and get creative. Well with all the wonderful art materials my husband gifted me, it would be rude not to, after all that's why he bought them, to keep me quiet!!!

So I tried a different medium, oil pastels, this particular brand are soft and buttery, so very different to the dry pastels I used to. Although for portraits they are a dream to use, as I was able to get the look of soft fresh looking skin. I think I am going to enjoy using them more often. I wasn't aiming for a masterpiece, I just wanted to see how well the medium behaved, however, I am quite pleased with the result.

I also did something that was more in my comfort zone, a monochrome drawing in white pastel pencil on black sketch paper. A melancholy figure wouldn't you agree? She looks just how I feel.

I am going to try out my new woodless coloured pencils next. So until next time..

Watch this space!

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