I have made Crunchie the star of the show for this blog. In my last blog, I mentioned that I was working on his 3rd portrait (did I mention that?). The other 2 portraits are in my gallery, one of them was my largest single pet portrait to date, measuring 60cm x 80cm, it is the one of the brown dog with his paws outstretched.

Well this one was slightly different, as Crunchie's owner wanted a photograph recreated which was in monochrome, with a ray of light cast over Crunchie's shoulder. Always loving a challenge, I naturally agreed.

I uploaded a photograph of the beginning stage of the portrait, in my last blog, and I also said that I would perhaps upload a video of it's progress. So I have attached a speeded up video, so as not to bore you with the real time version, which shows the reference photo I was working from and the building up of the tones and adding finer details. Although, I worked these areas a few more time after the clip shown, unfortunately, I was unable to use the video footage, as I had a slight hiccup with the camera falling over and then not positioning it correctly. Hopefully you'll get the idea.

Thank you for visiting my blog, please take a look at my portrait gallery and see if you can spot the ones of Crunchie.

The photograph of this completed portrait will be uploaded to the gallery as soon as it is mounted and a good quality photograph is taken.

So until next time...…..

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