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As I am currently working on a commissioned double pet portrait, which I am unable to share as it is a birthday gift, I am unable to paint any new pieces for my shop until it is completed. So I thought I would make this blog post about the importance of good quality photographs for commissioned portraits.

All too often in the past I have been provided with very poor quality images that I am expected to work from, normally very grainy and out of focus, whereby I have to guess the eye and fur colouring. It is not only time consuming but also frustrating for me as I want to create the best portrait possible, one that you are proud to hang on your wall or give as a gift. So for anyone who is thinking of commissioning me, please follow these very simple steps:

  1. Please ensure the photograph is not one from your mobile phone. These are often very small and although they look clear to you, when you enlarge them on the screen they become very blurred and out of focus. Therefore a digital camera is preferable.

  2. Please if possible, take the photograph outdoors, natural light if far better than artificial. By the same token, please do not take the photo in too much shadow, this can often alter the pet's colouring.

  3. Please several photographs and email the ones to me which show the animal's eyes, these are my favourite parts to paint, the pet's true fur colouring, this is most important. It is also helpful if you tell me which of the photographs shows the pose you like.

  4. Please also remember that portraits of pet's showing their teeth or with their tongues out often make the nicest ones. It allows for the character to show through.

  5. Please note that should you wish for more than one animal in the portrait, I can work from individual photographs, getting all your pets to sit and face the same way is a task in itself.

  6. The above does not apply if the pet is deceased, therefore, I ask that you send the clearest photographs you are able to obtain.

  7. Please email the photographs to me.

If these steps are followed, then I can produce a perfect portrait of your pet/s.

So I shall finish off with another pet portrait completed recently.

Until next time.........

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