From ugly to......

Seeing as my exhibition is under way, I can now settle down to some commission work.

I wanted to share with you a few photographs of the stages a painting goes through.

This is the ugly stage, where I start to lay in the base colours. It is this stage that gets me thinking 'Shall I continue or start again?'

This is the next stage. After studying the reference photo and building up the layers. Looking closely at what colours I can see in the fur, ensuring that I have put the darkest darks and the lightest lights in the right places.

This is beginning to make more sense of the composition. I still am building those layers and adding lots of detail for a realistic look.

Adding more colour to the white dog, it is really beginning to come together.

This is as far as I got but I think it is coming together nicely. Just one more dog to do.

I hope to complete it today and I will upload the finished portrait in my next blog.

So until next time.... have a good day 😊

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