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I forgot to mention in yesterday's blog post that if you are thinking of having a portrait done as a Christmas present (I know, who says the 'C' word in July????) then please get your orders in soon, yes really! I have already started receiving Christmas commissions as well as my usual ones for birthdays, anniversaries etc., therefore, I would hate to disappoint anyone, should they leave it too late. Portraits take time to do and cannot be rushed. I take pride in my work, therefore, I will not let a portrait leave my studio unless I and the customer are happy with it.

Moving on..

I have been working on the cat commission and videoing (although that hasn't been too successful). I have been trying out my new, fabbidozy tripod which arrived on Saturday. It allows me to position my camera more closely to my easel, the idea is to prevent my head and hand getting in the way of the shot, however, the camera sometimes doesn't stay in focus. Just a little teething problem which I know, with practice, I shall overcome. Trust me I have no desire to ever become a videographer.

I have attached a photograph of my new camera set up and gives a sneak peek of the cat portrait, which is coming along nicely. Please excuse the messy work board, which I really must turn round to the clean side. Yes, I know the glassine paper is a bit dog-eared but it is still doing a good job of keeping my hand off of the painting which causes me to smudge the pastel. By the way, the cat I am painting is a Maine Coon called Casper.

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