Just wanted to say........

....just 6 days until my exhibition..., as exciting as this is for me, no that wasn't what I wanted to say tehe.

What I wanted to say is that all my pastel paintings are created using vegan friendly materials, which means that no animal by-products have been used in the manufacturing process. Whilst his is not important to some, it is to others, therefore I just wanted to inform everyone who may be considering either commissioning or purchasing a piece of pastel artwork.

I am a vegetarian myself and have recently started a more vegan diet, therefore I am looking to replace some of my other art materials with vegan friendly ones. Although I do have a few sable brushes in my collection, these would not be used if requested by a customer commissioning a watercolour, likewise with the paint and paper, as I do currently have quite a few brands which have no animal bi-product binding or sizing in them already.

Therefore when commissioning artwork, you can always state if you'd prefer vegan friendly materials to be used.

Like I said, I appreciate that this does not matter to a lot of people but for some it does and all my customers are equally important to me.

Here is an example of one of my latest vegan friendly pastel paintings.

Thank you for visiting my blog and don't forget if you have any questions you can either email, message me or chat using the link on my website.

Until next time..... Be happy


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