Latest commissioned portrait plus....

I really wanted to share this one with you. This is Honi and I was commissioned to paint her portrait by a very loyal customer for Honi's owner's 60th birthday. I was going to choose a different pose but this one was the one that Honi's owner preferred, so I went with it. In fact I actually really enjoyed painting her. That nose and those eyes were just crying out to be painted. Just got to keep my fingers crossed that the birthday girl likes it as much as my customer does.

I know in one of my earlier blogs I mentioned that I was going to upload a video of me painting the long haired've guessed it! Another disaster! I chose to download it on to a different laptop and had terrible trouble cropping it and getting it uploaded to my blog. So I will have to paint another long haired animal and video that. Here is the completed cat any way, which the owner, I am delighted to say, loved.

However, on a positive note I am just about to add some of my artwork that isn't going into the exhibition and I am selling at a reduced price as I need the room for future pieces. So if you are looking for an inexpensive gift for someone or even yourself. Please look out for these in my online shop.

So until next time.....

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