New painting added to shop and more...

I have added another painting to my shop, for those of you who like living on the wild side. I have added a tiger in watercolour pencil, so please do check that out.

I have also added a gallery page to the website now, so you can take a look at recently commissioned artwork.

Below is the last stage of JJ's portrait and the completed portrait is in the gallery if you want to take a look.

In this photograph, the hair around the neck has been more defined, the ear on the right had more detail added and shadows were added under the chin. I also worked a bit more around the nose, making sure everything was the right depth of colour and there was sufficient detail to make the portrait look more realistic.

And finally..

I am currently working on some monochrome artwork, which will be uploaded to my shop soon. Although I still have commissions to complete, now and then it is good to take a break and paint or draw something different.

So until next time...…..

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New painting added

I have added a new painting to my shop. It's a Robin painted in watercolour on a beautiful background. Please take a look. It would make a lovely Christmas gift.