Portrait Progression Plus....

Well, I worked some more on JJ's portrait after posting my previous blog, so I thought I would share what I had done.

I completed the ear on the left and started to define head, facial and neck hair. As JJ has a few different colours, I wanted to get these right, also I needed to add some shadow between the white areas of fur, otherwise it would look flat.

Although in my previous blog I called this a commission, in fact, I am doing this portrait as a prize for the Best in Show winner of a dog show organised by Lisa Garner, who was one of the campaigners of Lucy's Law. If you have never heard of this, it was a campaign to end puppy farming and 3rd party selling of puppies. Lisa rescued Lucy a cute little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel when she was 3 years old and had been used excessively for breeding. She arrived in an horrific state and required veterinary treatment for the whole of her life. Lucy, along with Marc the vet (Abrahams) fought tirelessly to get the bill passed in parliament to put an end to this money making over-breeding of dogs and end the animals' suffering.

My husband and I have followed Lucy's facebook page (Lucy the Rescue Cavalier) and supported Lisa in whichever way we could. Although sadly 2 years ago Lucy's poor little broken body could take no more and she crossed the rainbow bridge. Lisa still continues to fundraise for other rescue charities and the dog show was to raise funds for Many Tears Animal Rescue based in Wales. It was judged by celebrities and to encourage people to enter, I had offered to paint the winner of The Best In Show's portrait as a prize. Animal rescue is closest to my heart, I have several rescue dogs of my own, therefore, I will always support if I can.

Although JJ was not used for breeding, she was horribly abused by her previous owners and arrived at the foster home in a terrible state. She still has trust issues and is nervous but her new owner is giving her all the love and patience she needs and is working on building her trust. As I mentioned in my previous blog, this poor little mite's spine was deliberately broken, so she now has to get around on wheels. Learning this broke my heart.

Sorry this is such a long blog but I wanted to let you know a little about why I am painting this portrait.

Thank you for visiting my blog and if you read to the end, double thank you, you are a star.

Until next time......

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