Sunday Ramblings

The sun continue to shine today, so out went the easel and pastels in to the garden for another day of painting. The piece I started yesterday is now finished and will soon be uploaded to my shop. I am going to leave you guessing as to what it is.

I then spent almost 3 hours cleaning my pastels, unwrapping and breaking new ones (on purpose, as the long pastel sticks are easier to use when broken in half) then sorting them in to colour groups and placed in my storage box. I do live an exciting life. I ended up filthy from the pastel dust with very sore fingers from all that unwrapping (the wrappers were difficult to peel off) and breaking. How I suffer for my art...…… Lol

So I haven't any new pieces to show you yet, as I haven't photographed them, so I would just like to thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I'll leave you with another commissioned pet portrait.

Until next time ……… A smiling Bull Terrier

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