There's a Mouse in the House

Well there soon will be.

This charming little Harvest Mouse will be making his way in to my online shop as soon as he has been photographed properly.

I have been working on more monochrome artwork and hope to bring those to the shop soon. I may have to hold off creating more for a short while though, as I have commissioned pet portraits to do but may be able to squeeze the odd one or two in between. Who knows?

As with all my art, I really enjoy doing these and am constantly searching for subjects to draw.

I am really pleased that since showing the monochrome artwork, I have received 2 commissions, so it appears that they do have an attraction. I am still receiving a lot of positive feedback, which is encouraging me to expand my collection. I have 2 exhibitions coming up soon, so I will need a vast selection of pieces to show. Best get my finger out then and finish those portraits, so I can get on with it!

Do feel free to contact me if you have any questions, you want further information on any of my artwork or how to commission me.

So until next time …...

Keep well.

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