What you get......

I just thought I would explain what you are paying for when commissioning a piece of artwork.

When you commission a painting or drawing you are not just get a nice picture of your pet, favourite landscape or object. You are getting a unique and original piece of artwork which includes:

* good quality specialist acid free paper, including the mountboard.

* artist's quality paints, pencils, inks, charcoal or pastels.

* my determination to produce a drawing or painting that you will love even though at times the

photographs I receive to work from are of poor quality, I will still endeavour to ensure that your artwork is perfect.

* several hours work to complete from initial composition selection, sketching out, to completing and mounting the artwork.

Once the cost of all the materials have been taken into consideration, I in fact receive less than minimum wage per hour. Therefore, I hope you understand the reason why original and unique artwork seems expensive compared to mass produced pictures which can be purchased elsewhere.

So if you do decide to commission a piece of artwork as a gift or even for yourself, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that no-one else will have that particular drawing or painting in their home.

I'll leave you with a photo of the portrait I did of the handsome Crunchie.

So until next time.........Take care

Laine x

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