Work in Progress

I am sharing with you today my current work in progress. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I am holding off doing any more monochrome silhouettes until I have completed the pet portraits which I have on my list at the moment.

The 2 photographs show the beginning stage, or ugly stage as us artists call it, where the colours or shades are being blocked in and just directional lines are laid down to show the direction of the fur. You may notice that I have virtually completed the eyes, that is because I feel if I get the eyes right, then the rest will fall in to place, after all the eyes are the windows to the soul.

I shall upload more photographs as the portrait progresses so you can see the transformation from a dog's dinner to an actual recognisable dog.

Oh yes, and I couldn't help myself. I did do another monochrome prior to starting the portrait, the one pictured below. So yes, another for my shop.

So that's it from me for the time being.

Until next time.....

Thank you for visiting my blog and if you take a peek at my shop, thank you again.

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